Case Repository

What is it in the Case Repository webpage?

This webpage provides a collection of projects that used System Dynamics as their method. In this repository you can find very robust applications of System Dynamics that have made a big impact in the real world. These cases demonstrate what final products in this field look like and how they are used by leaders and policy-makes to tackle serious challenges that other methods just cannot handle. Each case page includes, the case background, how the project was done, and what the model does, and gives links to related publications and people to contact for more information. This website is an ongoing project and we hope to improve it.

The List of All Cases

Currently, we list information about some 50 cases.You can go to List of All Cases and see the current available cases, or choose through the categories at left. The List of All Cases table can be sorted by cliclking on any of the column titles.

Your Contribution

We very much welcome your contributions to improve this repository. You can help in two ways:

1. If you have been involved in a System Dynamics consulting project and would like to showcase your work, please see the Submission Page for instructions.

2. If you have new information about any current available cases, including – information about the model, its current status, new clients, pictures, news, and so on. – you can share them with us; the pages will be updated. We have a LinkedIn post for each of the cases in which you can share your suggestions, questions, explanations or related material.

Cases Keeper

The Cases Keeper is a Society volunteer who connects System Dynamics projects with our community. Key responsibilities include soliciting, receiving, assessing, and standardizing cases for publication on this website. The Cases Keeper reports to the VP Membership and works with the Society office. The length of the term is two years and appointment is made by the VP Marketing & Communications. Please feel free to ask any question you might have about the Case Repository. The current Cases Keeper in the Society is Professor Kim Warren (partial term 2014, 2015 – 2016). You can reach him by sending your emails to