Seed Returns

Dealer Hoarding, Sales Push and Seed Returns


Name Combined management of sales resources and sales targets to mitigate dealer hoarding and seed returns Modelers Paulo Gonçalves Contact For more information on this case, please contact Paulo Gonçalves. Client/Participant Hybrid seed supplier (e.g., Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta) Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled […]

Attrition of Staff

Attrition of Staff


Name Attrition of International Seconded Staff in European Civilian Missions Modelers Paulo Gonçalves and Manuela Vender

Client/Participant United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Client Type NGO


The Issue You Tackled Staff attrition represents one of the most important challenges facing non-profit international organizations and missions in post-conflict areas, […]

Hughes Aircraft

Hughes Aircraft Hughes Aircraft Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 9:37 minutes Hughes Aircraft Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 3:51 minutes


Name First Aerospace Use of SD Project Modeling Modelers Ken Cooper

Client/Participant Hughes Aircraft Company Client Type Corporation The Official Website For added information, […]

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 8:27 minutes Northrop Grumman Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 2:31 minutes


Name Northrop Grumman and the $2000 Hour Modelers Kenneth Cooper

Client/Participant Northrop Grumman Client Type Corporation The Official Website For added information, or with […]

Recycling Rate

Recycling Rate


Name Structural and Behavioral Effects on the Recycling Rate Modelers John Egil Nilssen and Maren Sylthe

Client/Participant Waste Agency of Oslo, Norway Client Type Government


The Issue You Tackled One of the goals for the waste policy in the municipality of Oslo is to achieve a recycling rate at […]

Credit Card Market Simulation

MasterCard MasterCard Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 9:47 minutes MasterCard Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 3:07 minutes


Name Credit Card Market Simulation: Quantifying The Impact of Change Leads to Dramatic Strategic Innovation Modelers Kenneth Cooper, Sharon Els, Jim Lyneis, David Starr

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Name The General Motors OnStar Project Modelers Vince Barabba, Chet Huber, Fred Cooke, Nick Pudar, Jim Smith, Mark Paich Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client General Motors Client Type Corporation The Official Website is the official website in which you can become a member, get familiar […]

Anemia Control

Anemia Control


Name Biomedical System Dynamics to Improve Anemia Control With Darbepoetin Alfa in Long-Term Hemodialysis Patients Modelers James T. McCarthy, Craig L. Hocum, Robert C. Albright, James Rogers, Edward J. Gallaher, David P. Steensma, Stephen F. Gudgell, Eric J. Bergstralh, John C. Dillion, LaTonya J. Hickson, Amy W. Williams, and David Dingli […]

Oral Health

Oral Health


Name Oral Health Model Modelers Mitsue Fujimaki, Josely Emiko Umeda, Renata Corrêa Pascotto, Raquel Sano Suga Terada, Thiago Brito, Ricardo Pietrobon, and Guttenberg Passos Contact Professor Mitsue Fujimaki, Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Integrated Dentistry, Universidade Estadual de Maringá – UEM,

Client State Secretary of Health of Paraná Client […]




Name Prevention Impacts Simulation Model (PRISM) Modelers Jack Homer, Kristina Wile, Gary Hirsch, Justin Trogdon, Amanda Honeycutt, Bobby Milstein, Diane Orenstein, and Lawton Cooper Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client/Participant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Client Type Government


The Issue […]