Hughes Aircraft

Hughes Aircraft Hughes Aircraft Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 9:37 minutes Hughes Aircraft Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 3:51 minutes


Name First Aerospace Use of SD Project Modeling Modelers Kenneth Cooper

Client/Participant Hughes Aircraft Company Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled Hughes […]

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 8:27 minutes Northrop Grumman Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 2:31 minutes


Name Northrop Grumman and the $2000 Hour Modelers Kenneth Cooper

Client/Participant Northrop Grumman Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled After experiencing some […]

Credit Card Market Simulation

MasterCard MasterCard Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 9:47 minutes MasterCard Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 3:07 minutes


Name Credit Card Market Simulation: Quantifying The Impact of Change Leads to Dramatic Strategic Innovation Modelers Kenneth Cooper, Sharon Els, Jim Lyneis, David Starr

< Discussion Please join [...]




Name The General Motors OnStar Project Modelers Vince Barabba, Chet Huber, Fred Cooke, Nick Pudar, Jim Smith, Mark Paich Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client General Motors Client Type Corporation The Official Website is the official website in which you can become a member, get familiar […]




Name Managing the Dynamics of Projects and Changes at Fluor Modelers Kenneth Cooper, Gregory Lee Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client/Participant FLUOR Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled Fluor is one of the world’s largest engineering and construction firms, with 2008 revenues over $20 billion. The US-based firm operates […]

Pushing the boundaries of marketing ROI at Coca-Cola

Client: Coca-Cola Inc.

Authors/Consultant: Foresight Associates

Case summary: Marketers behind major brands look into consumer data to spot trends and craft possible futures. Their vision and strategy relies on a balance of art and science, based on raw marketing talent and supported by extensive data on consumer behavior.

Virtually all available brand tracking data is […]

Data Center Capacity Planning

Data Center Capacity Planning


Name Data Center Capacity Planning Modelers Kaveh Dianati Contact Client/Participant Telecomputing, Norway Client Type Corporation The Issue You Tackled

TeleComputing is a leading provider of centralized IT operation services, based in Norway The project developed a System Dynamics model that would enable continuing estimation of the point […]

Keep on rolling – managing a large rail improvement project

Client: London Underground

Authors/Consultant: Steve Curram, David Exelby, and Jocelyn Lovegrove

Case summary: The London Underground carries up to 4 million passengers a day, and required a major upgrade involving new trains and signalling, plus much additional engineering work. A working system must be maintained during the upgrade, requiring a complex migration process to be […]

A case study in strategic human resource management with system dynamics

Strategic Human Resource Management


Name A Case Study in Strategic Human Resource Management with System Dynamics Modelers Andreas Größler, Alexander Zock

Client/Participant N/A Client Type N/A


The Issue You Tackled The case-study company is a German service provider in the logistics industry that is the market leader in this industry and […]

General Motors OnStar

Client: General Motors

Authors/Consultants: Barabba V, Huber C, Cooke F, Pudar N, Smith J, Paich M

In 1997, General Motors (GM) assembled a project team to develop its OnStar telematics business. Telematics is the provision of communications services to cars, including crash notification, navigation, Internet access, and traffic information. OnStar is GM’s two-way vehicle communication […]