Attrition of Staff

Attrition of Staff


Name Attrition of International Seconded Staff in European Civilian Missions Modelers Paulo Gonçalves and Manuela Vender

Client/Participant United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Client Type NGO


The Issue You Tackled Staff attrition represents one of the most important challenges facing non-profit international organizations and missions in post-conflict areas, […]




Name Prevention Impacts Simulation Model (PRISM) Modelers Jack Homer, Kristina Wile, Gary Hirsch, Justin Trogdon, Amanda Honeycutt, Bobby Milstein, Diane Orenstein, and Lawton Cooper Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client/Participant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Client Type Government


The Issue […]




Name Climate Rapid Overview And Decision Support Modelers John Sterman, Thomas Fiddaman, Travis Franck, Andrew Jones, Stephanie McCauley, Philip Rice, Elizabeth Sawin, and Lori Siegel Model To get the model, please follow this link. Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client/Participant You can find a list of funders here, and clients, and […]

Social Determinants of Health in a Diverse Urban Population

Client: Wellesley Institute (Toronto)

Authors/Consultants: Mahamoud A, Roche B, Homer J

Social determinants of health are important in shaping the health of urban populations in Canada. The low socio-economic status of marginalized, disadvantaged, and precarious populations in urban settings has been linked to adverse health outcomes including chronic and infectious disease, negative health behaviors, barriers […]

Local Health System Reform Strategy

ReThink Health Dynamics


Name Local Health System Reform Strategy Modelers Jack Homer, Gary B. Hirsch, Bobby Milstein, and Elliott S. Fisher.

Client/Participant Fannie E. Rippel Foundation (New Jersey) Client Type NGO The Official Website is the official website that covers all information about this project including the […]


Client: Housing Market

Authors/Consultants: Eskinasi M, Rouwette E, Vennix J

In Haaglanden, the Netherlands, during a particular swing of the housing market, construction of new greenfield residential suburbs suffered delays, whereas urban transformation of old and sometimes decaying housing projects from the 1950’s was just starting. But urban transformation is dependent on the possibility of […]

Local Strategy for Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

Client: a large hospital in Washington State

Authors/Consultants: Homer J, Hirsch G, Minniti M, Pierson M

Experts agree that the U.S. healthcare system is poorly organized to care for chronic illnesses and wasteful and unresponsive to the needs of patients. The “Pursuing Perfection” program sought to improve chronic care in Whatcom County, Washington State. SD […]

Climate Change and Energy

Client: National Commission on Energy Policy, Environmental Defense Fund, WAI

Authors/Consultants: Bassi AM, Yudken JS

Four industries – iron and steel, aluminum, paper and pulp, and chemicals – account for nearly half of the energy consumed by U.S. manufacturing industries and over 10 percent of total U.S. energy consumption, making them highly vulnerable to volatile […]

International Council on Systems Engineering



Name International Council on Systems Engineering Modelers Kim Warren Contact For more information on this case, please contact Kim Warren at Strategy Dynamics.

Client International Council on Systems Engineering Client Type NGO The Official Website is the official website in which you can become a member and […]

Sustainable Water Management in Laikipia District (Kenya)

Client: CETRAD

Authors/Consultants: Gallati J

Sustainable management of natural resources is a vital concern in most countries and regions worldwide. In Laikipia District in Kenya, located at the foothill zone of Mt. Kenya, water is required in the upper zone for irrigation agriculture, horticultures and livestock production as well as for urban areas. In the […]