Seed Returns

Dealer Hoarding, Sales Push and Seed Returns


Name Combined management of sales resources and sales targets to mitigate dealer hoarding and seed returns Modelers Paulo Gonçalves Contact For more information on this case, please contact Paulo Gonçalves. Client/Participant Hybrid seed supplier (e.g., Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta) Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled […]

Attrition of Staff

Attrition of Staff


Name Attrition of International Seconded Staff in European Civilian Missions Modelers Paulo Gonçalves and Manuela Vender

Client/Participant United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Client Type NGO


The Issue You Tackled Staff attrition represents one of the most important challenges facing non-profit international organizations and missions in post-conflict areas, […]




Name Managing the Dynamics of Projects and Changes at Fluor Modelers Kenneth Cooper, Gregory Lee Discussion Please join the discussion here. Client/Participant FLUOR Client Type Corporation The Official Website For added information, or with any questions, see, or contact Ken via email:


The Issue You Tackled Fluor is one […]

A case study in strategic human resource management with system dynamics

Strategic Human Resource Management


Name A Case Study in Strategic Human Resource Management with System Dynamics Modelers Andreas Größler, Alexander Zock

Client/Participant N/A Client Type N/A


The Issue You Tackled The case-study company is a German service provider in the logistics industry that is the market leader in this industry and […]

System Dynamics & Agent-Based approaches to face HR constraints

Client: Public ICT company localized in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Primary Hospital Localized in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Authors/Consultant: Guttenberg Ferreira Passos, Ilan Chamovitz, Babis Theodoulidis

Case summary: Human Resource Management (HRM) has emerged as a fundamental and critical capital in organizations. After all, human resources plan, design policies, handles machinery and innovates. Human Resources hire […]

The Organizational Responsibility Model for Public Companies

Client: Brazilian state of Minas Gerais

Authors/Consultant: Passos GF, Chamovitz I, Theodoulidis B

In order to sustain its fast growth in the future, Brazil is looking for a new engine that hinges on the expansion of opportunities for learning and working. In Brazil, public companies face budget constraints and difficulties in hiring staff. Inadequate staff […]

Process Innovation at Du Pont

Client: Du Pont

Authors/Consultants: Repenning NP, Sterman JD

Improvement programs such as Total Quality Management are embraced by many organizations but are often discontinued before full benefits can be reaped. With ever-increasing numbers of new techniques and methods available, as well as consultants ready to facilitate implementation, discovering improvement programs is no longer a problem. […]