Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs

Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs Name Impact of Growth Opportunities and Competition on Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs Modeler Hazhir Rahmandad Discussion Please join the discussion here.

The Issue You Tackled

How should managers prioritize among production, product development, branding, internationalization, and other capabilities and resources? This question is central to the resource-based view, and […]

Process Innovation at Du Pont

Client: Du Pont

Authors/Consultants: Repenning NP, Sterman JD

Improvement programs such as Total Quality Management are embraced by many organizations but are often discontinued before full benefits can be reaped. With ever-increasing numbers of new techniques and methods available, as well as consultants ready to facilitate implementation, discovering improvement programs is no longer a problem. […]

Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies

Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies


Name Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies — Simulating Patient Flow and Portfolio Dynamics Modelers Mark Paich, Corey Peck, Jason Valant Contact Jason Valant or Corey Peck

Client/Participant Numerous Pharmaceutical Companies Client Type Corporation The Official Website

Lexidyne, LLC specializes in helping clients understand and leverage key […]