Seed Returns

Dealer Hoarding, Sales Push and Seed Returns


Name Combined management of sales resources and sales targets to mitigate dealer hoarding and seed returns Modelers Paulo Gonçalves Contact For more information on this case, please contact Paulo Gonçalves. Client/Participant Hybrid seed supplier (e.g., Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta) Client Type Corporation


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Credit Card Market Simulation

MasterCard MasterCard Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 9:47 minutes MasterCard Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 3:07 minutes


Name Credit Card Market Simulation: Quantifying The Impact of Change Leads to Dramatic Strategic Innovation Modelers Kenneth Cooper, Sharon Els, Jim Lyneis, David Starr

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Pushing the boundaries of marketing ROI at Coca-Cola

Client: Coca-Cola Inc.

Authors/Consultant: Foresight Associates

Case summary: Marketers behind major brands look into consumer data to spot trends and craft possible futures. Their vision and strategy relies on a balance of art and science, based on raw marketing talent and supported by extensive data on consumer behavior.

Virtually all available brand tracking data is […]

Projecting Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Sales

Client: a large US manufacturer of motorcycles

Authors/Consultants: Homer J

For planning and strategy purposes, the company needs to be able to project parts and accessories revenues several years into the future. These revenues are generated by shipments from the factory to dealers. In the mid-1990s, these shipments became harder to project, as dealer incentives […]

Analyzing Price Cycles in Commodity Chemicals

Client: a large global chemical company (Dow Chemical)

Authors/Consultants: Homer J

An SD model was developed to explain strong repeated price cycles in the chlor-alkali chemical market. A first version of the model was developed focusing on Europe alone. A second, expanded, version considered the entire global market. The model led to an improved understanding […]

Marketing Strategy for a New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug

Client: a large global pharmaceutical company (Sandoz, now Novartis)

Authors/Consultants: Homer J

This was the first of a series of models with Sandoz dealing with the positioning of new products in various therapeutic application markets. The cholesterol-lowering drug was a “me-too” drug entering a very competitive market. The purpose of the model was to investigate […]

Medical Device Company

Medical Device Company


Name Medical Device Company Modelers Kim Warren Contact For more information on this case, please contact Kim Warren at Strategy Dynamics.

Client ALK-Abello, Denmark Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled

The company faces total loss of sales for a consumer medical device – very well known […]

Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies

Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies


Name Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies — Simulating Patient Flow and Portfolio Dynamics Modelers Mark Paich, Corey Peck, Jason Valant Contact Jason Valant or Corey Peck

Client/Participant Numerous Pharmaceutical Companies Client Type Corporation The Official Website

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