Analyzing Price Cycles in Commodity Chemicals

Client: a large global chemical company (Dow Chemical)

Authors/Consultants: Homer J

An SD model was developed to explain strong repeated price cycles in the chlor-alkali chemical market. A first version of the model was developed focusing on Europe alone. A second, expanded, version considered the entire global market. The model led to an improved understanding […]

Cement Industry Price Dynamics in Iran

Client: Cement Investment and Development Company

Authors/Consultants: Ghaffarzadegan N, Tajrishi AT

The project was conducted from September 2005 to May 2006 for the Cement Investment and Development Company (CIDCO). CIDCO is a major cement company that holds around a 12% share of Iran’s market and owns six major factories in Iran. During the time that […]

Maintenance Improvement at ONEgas

Client: ONEgas

Authors/Consultants: Venderbosch T, Rouwette E

ONEgas is a company owned by Shell and NAM and is responsible for gas production in the Netherlands. This modeling effort focused on the maintenance process in ONEgas. The maintenance processes at the ONEgas platforms are supported by the SAP PM module. After the implementation of SAP Blueprint […]

Process Innovation at Du Pont

Client: Du Pont

Authors/Consultants: Repenning NP, Sterman JD

Improvement programs such as Total Quality Management are embraced by many organizations but are often discontinued before full benefits can be reaped. With ever-increasing numbers of new techniques and methods available, as well as consultants ready to facilitate implementation, discovering improvement programs is no longer a problem. […]