Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 8:27 minutes Northrop Grumman Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 2:31 minutes


Name Northrop Grumman and the $2000 Hour Modelers Kenneth Cooper

Client/Participant Northrop Grumman Client Type Corporation The Official Website For added information, or with […]

Recycling Rate

Recycling Rate


Name Structural and Behavioral Effects on the Recycling Rate Modelers John Egil Nilssen and Maren Sylthe

Client/Participant Waste Agency of Oslo, Norway Client Type Government


The Issue You Tackled One of the goals for the waste policy in the municipality of Oslo is to achieve a recycling rate at […]


Litton Litton Industries Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 11:28 minutes

In 1980, Ken Cooper published his paper “Naval Ship Production: A Claim Settled and A Framework Built,” that described the now famous Litton Industries case. This case yielded a $400 million dollar settlement for Litton and launched the largest claim ever of […]

Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs

Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs Name Impact of Growth Opportunities and Competition on Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs Modeler Hazhir Rahmandad Discussion Please join the discussion here.

The Issue You Tackled

How should managers prioritize among production, product development, branding, internationalization, and other capabilities and resources? This question is central to the resource-based view, and […]