Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 8:27 minutes Northrop Grumman Case Part 2 – The Back Story (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 2:31 minutes


Name Northrop Grumman and the $2000 Hour Modelers Kenneth Cooper

Client/Participant Northrop Grumman Client Type Corporation The Official Website For added information, or with […]

Recycling Rate

Recycling Rate


Name Structural and Behavioral Effects on the Recycling Rate Modelers John Egil Nilssen and Maren Sylthe

Client/Participant Waste Agency of Oslo, Norway Client Type Government


The Issue You Tackled One of the goals for the waste policy in the municipality of Oslo is to achieve a recycling rate at […]


Litton Litton Industries Case: Part 1 (Narrated by Ken Cooper) 11:28 minutes

In 1980, Ken Cooper published his paper “Naval Ship Production: A Claim Settled and A Framework Built,” that described the now famous Litton Industries case. This case yielded a $400 million dollar settlement for Litton and launched the largest claim ever of […]