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059 Attrition of Staff United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Paulo Gonçalves Human Resource Management
058 Hughes Aircraft Hughes Aircraft Company Ken Cooper Aerospace
057 Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Ken Cooper Aerospace
056 Recycling Rate Waste Agency of Oslo, Norway John Egil Nilssen Waste management
055 Litton Litton Industries Ken Cooper Manufacturing
054 Firm-Level Capability Development Trade-offs N/A Hazhir Rahmandad Financial Services
053 MasterCard MasterCard Kenneth Cooper Research and Development
052 Anemia Control N/A James T. McCarthy Health Care
051 Oral Health State Secretary of Health of Paraná Mitsue Fujimaki Health Care
050 PRISM Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Jack Homer Health Care
049 Fluor FLUOR Kenneth Cooper Construction
048 C-ROADS You can find a list of funders here, and clients, and users here. John Sterman Environment
047 Pushing the boundaries of marketing ROI at Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Inc. Foresight Associates Food
046 Data Center Capacity Planning Telecomputing, Norway Kaveh Dianati Telecommunications, Information
045 Keep on rolling – managing a large rail improvement project London Underground Steve Curram Logistics & Transportation
044 Are You vMad To Go For Surgery? Risk Assessment for Transmission of vCJD via Surgical Instruments UK Department of Health Curram S Health Care
043 A case study in strategic human resource management with system dynamics German service provider in the logistics industry Andreas Größler Logistics & Transportation
042 System Dynamics & Agent-Based approaches to face HR constraints Public ICT company localized in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Primary Hospital Localized in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil Passos GF Multisector planning
041 Children’s Oral Health Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, New York State Department of Health Gary Hirsch Health Care
040 The Organizational Responsibility Model for Public Companies Brazilian state of Minas Gerais Passos GF Other
039 Social Determinants of Health in a Diverse Urban Population Wellesley Institute (Toronto) Mahamoud A Health Care
038 ReThink Health Dynamics Fannie E. Rippel Foundation (New Jersey) Jack Homer Health Care
037 Haaglanden Housing market Eskinasi M Urban planning
036 Managing the Inventory of Test Items used in Computer-Based Educational Testing Educational Testing Service (ETS), the world’s leading developer and provider of standardized educational tests Homer J Education
035 Projecting Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Sales A large US manufacturer of motorcycles Homer J Manufacturing
034 Analyzing Price Cycles in Commodity Chemicals A large global chemical company (Dow Chemical) Homer J Chemicals
033 Strategies to Improve Freight Railroad Performance A major freight railway company (CSX Transportation) Homer JB Logistics & Transportation
032 Hardware Maintenance Field Service Dynamics Major producer of diagnostic equipment used in semiconductor wafer fabrication Homer J Manufacturing
031 Cocaine Use Prevalence Estimation and Policy Analysis National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice Homer J Criminal justice
030 Marketing Strategy for a New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug A large global pharmaceutical company (Sandoz, now Novartis) Homer J Health care
029 Antibiotic Resistance Dynamics Texas Department of Health Homer J Health care
028 Hospital Surge Capacity Planning Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), US Department of Health and Human Services Manley W Health care
027 Local Strategy for Chronic Disease Management and Prevention A large hospital in Washington State Homer J Health Care
026 Obesity Population Dynamics Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Homer J Health Care
025 HealthBound Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Bobby Milstein Health Care
024 Medicare Payment Rate Government Jack Homer, Gary Hirsch Health Care
023 Cement industry price dynamics in Iran Cement Investment and Development Company Ghaffarzadegan N Chemicals
022 National airspace system US Federal Aviation Administration Ventana Systems Logistics & Transportation
021 Logistics support system for the US coast guard US coast guard Ellis RE Defense
020 Monetary policy Central Bank of Colombia Arenas F Financial Services
019 Spatial planning in Indonesia Ministry of Human Settlements and Regional Infrastructures Development, Indonesia Radianti J Urban planning
018 Health and social care policy in the UK UK Government Wolstenholme E Health Care
017 Energy policy analysis in Mauritius Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities, Mauritius Bassi AM Energy
016 Climate change and energy National Commission on Energy Policy, Environmental Defense Fund, WAI Bassi AM Energy
015 Urban dynamics UK local authorities Swanson J (Sdgworld; Steer Davies Gleave) Urban planning
014 International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) INCOSE Warren K (Strategy Dynamics) Engineering
013 Supply chain options in pharmaceuticals Anonymous pharma co Jones L (Ventana Systems UK) Health care
012 State planning in Sarawak Sarawak State Planning Unit Brian Dangerfield Multisector planning
011 Medical Device Company ALK-Abello, Denmark Kim Warren (Strategy Dynamics) Health care
010 Pharmaceutical product life-cycles Anonymous pharma co Jones L (Ventana Systems UK) Health care
009 Sustainable water management in Laikipia District (Kenya) CETRAD Gallati J Water
008 Maintenance improvement at ONEgas ONEgas Venderbosch T Chemicals
007 Criminal justice Ministry of Justice, the Netherlands Rouwette EAJA Criminal Justice
006 Project management at Fluor Fluor Cooper K Engineering, Construction
005 Process innovation at Du Pont Du Pont Repenning NP Chemicals
004 Diabetes CDC Jones AP Health Care
003 Polio eradication World Health Organization (WHO) Thompson KM Health Care
002 Pharmaceutical Product Branding Strategies Numerous Pharmaceutical Companies Mark Paich Health Care
001 General Motors OnStar General Motors Vince Barabba Logistics & Transportation, Information