Please submit your case here.

We want to show visitors to the site – who may know nothing about System Dynamics – real-world projects done for a private or public organization that provided real value, either by an in-house system-dynamics person or a consultant (that is, you or your organisation).

Under Client please state who the work was done for. If that is confidential, you can just say, for example, ‘a top-10 retailer’ or ‘a large Government department’

Under Links please provide:

  • links to user-friendly material, such as short, readable articles or slide-sets (videos or screen-shows are especially powerful!) – models too if you can. We will not list cases that do not have at least one piece of easy-to-follow material. Remember that people new to System Dynamics don’t understand what our feedback or stock-flow diagrams mean, so if you include these, be sure to explain them clearly.
  • if relevant, links to journal articles. Because these may not be easily available to site-visitors, they will be featured with the comment “This item may need to be purchased, or require registration with a publisher”.

To give readers the best understanding of the value of your work please ensure under “Case summary” to provide:

  • The issue you tackled : what challenge or opportunity did the user face, and how important it was to them
  • What you actually did : both the process you went through, and any model-building and use of the model that took place
  • The results : not just the conclusions of the work, but what the user did because of it, and the benefits that resulted. Benefits could be financial (sales or profits made, costs reduced, investment decided upon …) or non-financial (lives or suffering saved, people helped, work avoided …). We will not list cases stating only that people ‘learned a lot’ or ‘gained new insight’.

Under Contact please provide your name and either a web-link and/or email address to one or more of the people who did the work. Make sure these are not likely to expire any time soon!