Energy Policy Analysis in Mauritius

Client: Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities, Mauritius

Authors/Consultants: Bassi AM, Bainac K, Bokhoree C, Deenapanray P

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Renewable Energy and Public Utilities of the Republic of Mauritius and with support from UNDP, the Millennium Institute (MI) has carried out an assignment on supporting formulation and evaluation of […]

Supply Chain Options in Pharmaceuticals

Client: Anonymous pharmaceutical company

Authors/Consultants: Jones L (Ventana Systems UK)

A global pharmaceuticals company wanted to evaluate future supply-chain options for a group of drug products.

In a series of workshops held with knowledgeable personnel over a six week period, the team (comprising the modeller and all workshop attendees) developed a simple simulation to help […]

Medical Device Company

Medical Device Company


Name Medical Device Company Modelers Kim Warren Contact For more information on this case, please contact Kim Warren at Strategy Dynamics.

Client ALK-Abello, Denmark Client Type Corporation


The Issue You Tackled

The company faces total loss of sales for a consumer medical device – very well known […]